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Our captains and skippers will show you the most beautiful places, island, coves and beaches on Italian coast.

7 day routes


Total distance: 80 nautical miles approximately


Total distance: 148 nautical miles approximately


Total distance: 195 nautical miles approximately


Total distance: 138 nautical miles approximately


Total Distance: 259 nautical miles approximately


Salivoli – Viareggio – Liguria – Portovenere – Cinque Terre

An interesting itinerary to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Alps towards the Gulf of Poets, then Tellaro – an old fishermen center, small port of Lerici, Porto Lotti, Le Grazie, Portovenere – a town as the "anphitheatre" by the sea, the island of Palmaria...and finally Cinque Terre with fascinating panorama.

Salivoli – Viareggio – the island of Capraia – Corsica – Elba

Departure from Salivoli through Viareggio and then towards the island of Capraia; with historical port, streets, Mediterranean vegetation, towers and castles of Spanish dominion. Giraglia on the island of Corsica is a starting point towards Saint Florent along the western coast. Elba is the biggest island of the Tuscan archipelago with numerous beaches and tourist ports – Marciana Marina, Procchio, Enfola, Portoferraio.

Elba – Corsica (East) – Sardinia (North) - Elba

Departure from Salivoli to explore the beauty of the island of Elba, then along the eastern coast of the island Corsica towards the archipelago of Maddalena. It requires experience and attention to strong winds between Corsica and Sardinia.

Tuscan archipelago – Elba – Capraia – Argentario – Giglio – Giannutri – Montecristo

It is possible to pass by the island of Montecristo, for stopping on the island is not permitted. It is one of the protected Nature Parks. All the places are worth visiting for their crystal sea, castles, bays, ports...

North Sardinia; Maddalena – Caprera – Asinara – Corsica

Maddalena is the main island of the archipelago with wild nature, small beaches and sandy landscape. Caprera then, with its eastern coast as well as the northern coast almost inaccessible because of their granite rocks. The island of Asinara is pretty attractive due to its unique landscape, rich fauna and beaches with rough sand. The itinerary can be concluded with the visit of the island of Corsica, an astonishing island with crystal sea.

Giglio – Giannutri – Montecristo – Pianosa – Monte Argentario

It is possible to find an anchorage in front of the Giglio port or in the bay of Canelle, a bay with beautiful panorama. Then accross Giannutri, the island of true nature, towards the island of Montecristo which is a part of biological reserve and it requires a special permit for those who want to pay a visit to this beautiful island. One can find a natural and safe oasis on the island of Pianosa. The journey can be concluded visiting Monte Argentario, its splendid nature and picturesque landscape.

Pontine islands; Ponza – Palmarola – Ventotene – Santo Stefano

The islands are easily approachable. Ponza is the main island of the archipelago with the port which can accomodate up to 200 boats. Pay attention to dangers of the Palmarola coast. However, there are many splendid anchorages there as well, Punta Tramontana and Cala del Porto. From Ponza towards the islands of Ventotene and Santo Stefano. The first one with the old port - Porto Nicola and the new one - Porto Nuovo, then the Roman remains towards Punta Eolo and the fortress.

Aeolian islands; Lipari – Salina – Panarea – Stromboli – Vulcano – Filicudi – Alicudi

The journey can start from the island of Lipari, with three ports and numerous anchorages, all in the east bay of the island. During the peak season, we suggest an anchorage in Marina Lunga. From Lipari towards Salina with two small ports, one in the east and the other in the south. The journey proceeds towards Panarea, surrounded by small islands. Stromboli then, an active volcano which actually does not offer any safe shelter from the winds. Finally Vulcano, with bays of Porto Levante, characteristic for its black sand and its Porto Ponente, famous for hot water.

Filicudi and Alicudi are two beautiful islands which offer many marine caves, steep coast almost deserted and unapproachable. However, these are ideal for diving and fishing.


Ports and Marinas

Due to its geographical position, Italy has experienced many invasions and has been home to different civilizations; Greeks, Etruscans and Gauls.

Sailing in Italy

While exploring the beauties of the Italian coast you can enjoy sailing in perfect weather conditions. Italian coast is suitable not only for sailing but for various water sport activities.

Bases in Italy

Italian coast boasts with many splendid tourist resorts which offer pleasure vacation, entertainment and various sport activities.

Nautical tourism

Nautical tourism has gained a great reputation in Italy and has reached a high class quality. It is very popular among tourists, for it offers various possibilities.

Italian coast

Italy is a beautiful country with well intended coast on the west side of the peninsula. The eastern coast is less intended, but not less beautiful.

About cruising in Italy

Cruising has become pretty popular recently. It is an interesting way of spending your vacation in Italy and the best option for those who are looking for a romantic vacation.