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Advertising is one of the key factors when selling a boat and Internet marketing is one of the most effective methods of advertising because of its popularity and large amounts of information available.

Setting the right price is also an important element; it is crucial to set a realistic price, because the price that is too high might turn away even the most interested clients.

You know the old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words? No explaining necessary - take photos of the boat and put together a detailed gallery so you can present her in the best possible way to potential buyers before they come to see her.

When a potential buyer comes to see your boat, the first thing he/she will notice if the boat is clean. A filthy or messy boat gives the idea of being in a bad condition, damaged, neglected… So, make sure she is spotless, inside and outside. Also, make sure she is in perfect working order – every, even minor malfunction is a major setback.

Check the engines, safety equipment and electronics, fix any possible defects, clean and polish the deck and hull, tidy up and clean the interior, get rid of any unnecessary objects (food, papers, personal items, cleaning supplies…). Don’t ignore the area around the engine; clean the pumps, drains, toilettes, air-conditioning and ventilation filters, and all those places you don’t notice at the first site. Air fresheners and clean carpets and pillows can definitely enhance the sale.

Clean, tidy and regularly maintained boats leave a better impression, sell more easily and get better prices. It would be best if you would keep her in good order and inspect regularly for any possible malfunctions to avoid bigger problems. These few simple chores can help you get a significantly better deal.