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When sailing the beautiful Italian coastline of 8.000 kilometres, one can surely enjoy marvellous places and nature.

A berth for a yacht is easy to find for there are numerous modern and lavishly equipped marinas all along the coast.

All the marinas offer a perfect infrastructure and the impeccable services that meet the requirements of all the visitors.

The great organization and modernization of the marinas contribute to the development of nautical tourism in Italy. Berths need to be adequate for megayachts as well with all the required services. In spite of all that, the balance between techical needs and those of nature and ambient has never been disturbed.

Some of the best marinas in Italy:

What makes all the marinas and ports excellent is the functionality along with the safety.

It is important to consult the nautical guide with charts and all the information about marinas along the coast. As you will notice, the marinas in Italy are all well equipped and offer a really good infrastructure, berths for all types of boats and yachts, various facilities and services (electricity, water, shower, bars and restaurants, shops etc.).

Not only you can enjoy all the marina services, but you can attend different sailing events, cultural events, concerts, shows...

MARINA is an artificial or natural structure used for boat anchorage and equipped with all the facilities and services.

PONTOON is an internal structure of a port, floating or fixed, with berths for boats. When entering a marina prepare the boat fenders on each side to protect your boat from collision, stay far from the ferries and other boats.

Remember to give the advantage to boats coming to your right side. Respect the speed allowed in the port.


Often referred to as the Italian Saint Tropez, San Remo has a few thriving luxury hotels. The old centre is north of Corso Matteotti, the main strip, which many stroll along in the early evening. The town has a lot to offer. San Remo is the host of several sailing events, as well as the International San Remo Regatta in April.

Latitude: 43°49.07'N Longitude: 07°47.15'E Berths: 52 for yachts of 25 to 30 m 28 for yachts over 30m Max. length: 90m Max. draught: 5m


Marina Porto Antico is located near one of the most important historic centres in Europe. It is home to many precious treasures and architectural masterpieces as Palazzo Ducale, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Opera House...The Aquarium, the Maritime Museum and the house of Columbus are only a short distance away. Visitors to the marina benefit from all kinds of services and repairs.

Latitude: 44°24.6'N Longitude: 08°55.55'E Berths: 30 for yachts of 25 to 30 m 15 for yachts over 30m Max. length: 65m


Rapallo is situated in the breathtaking Gulf of Tigullio, not far from Portofino, the Italian famous coastal village. The marina is completely restored. It has improved facilities. An excellent new restaurant has been opened recently and it has a beautiful panoramic view of the gulf.

Berths: 25 for yachts of 25 to 30 m 6 for yachts over 30m Max. length: 42m Max. draught: 5.5m


The climate of Sardinia is one of the most pleasant in the Mediterranean. Its coastal scenery is world famous. Sardinia is often quite windy which makes it perfect base for sailing competitions.

Latitude: 41°08'N Longitude: 09°32'E Berths: 50 for yachts of 25 to 30 m 30 for yachts over 30m Max. length: 110m Max. draught: 5m


Portorotondo Marina is situated in one of the most beautiful streches of Sardinian coastline and it offers a perfect infrastructure and the surrounding beauty of lively village. Numbers of marvellous islands lie within a few miles from the marina. It is an ideal berthing place for yachts.

Latitude: 41°01.73'N Longitude: 09°32.61'E Berths: 25 for yachts of 25 to 30 m 20 for yachts over 30m Max. length: 60m Max. draught: 5.5m


La Spezia is located at the head of the gulf of the same name and is also known as the Gulf of Poets. La Spezia has excellent road links and a private airport nearby. Withing easy sailing distance are the isles of Tino and Palmaria, while Elba and Corsica are a little further away.

Latitude: 44°05.75'N Longitude: 09°51.54'E Berths: 38 for yachts of 25 to 30 m 12 for yachts over 30m Max. length: 100m Max. draught: 10m


Gaeta is located halfway between Rome and Naples. It is one of the safest anchorages in the Tyrrhenian Sea, protected by the mountain range to the north of the town. It is a perfect base for those who would like to visit the Pontine Islands. The marina arranges regular sailing events.

Latitude: 41°12.48'N Longitude: 13°31.3'E Berths: 20 for yachts of 25 to 30 m 15 for yachts over 30m Max. length: 50m Max. draught: 4m


The city of Naples has much to offer to its visitors; the old centre with ancient churches, markets and cafes, broad boulevars, museums, royal palace, theatres etc. You can enjoy the beautiful view across the city and bay to the volcano Mount Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompei.

Latitude: 40°49.63'N Longitude: 14°13.53'E Berths: 120 for yachts of 25 to 30 m 40 for yachts over 30m Max. length: 105m Max. draught: 11m


Portorosa is a residential village developed into a tourist port. It has a unique geographical position in the Mediterranean and it is located in the centre of the most popular nautical destinations. You can visit the nearby Eolian Islands and take advantage of the short distances from main centres.

Latitude: 38°07.6'N Longitude: 15°06.72'E Berths: 12 for yachts of 25 to 30 m 8 for yachts over 30m Max. length: 40m Max. draught: 3.3m


It is an attractive tourist resort on the Adriatic coast. The beaches strech for miles and are never over-crowded. The town has many restaurants, bars and a market. Marina has moorings for 774 boats with over 120 square kilometres of protected berths.

Latitude: 43°10.2'N Longitude: 13°47.7'E Berths: 22 for yachts of 25 to 30 m 28 for yachts over 30m Max. length: 60m Max. draught: 4.5m


Boat and yacht types explained

The word boat implies a smaller vessel, usually up to about 13 meters. All the other vessels are actually yachts. The word luxury is often attributed to yachts, perhaps due to their length, equipment, comfort, and of course to their crew.

How to rent a boat

A professional charter company will provide a detailed information according to your request. Besides offering a charter service, some offer accomodation, transfer, advice, additional equipment, skipper service etc.

Yachts with crew

Chartering a yacht with crew will make your vacation unforgettable. This is the best option for those who would like to spend their vacation careless and let the others take care of navigation and everything else in order to enjoy the journey in full.

Boat crew

Besides chartering a bareboat, one can choose a boat or a yacht with crew. This is a high class vacation for all who are looking for completely careless and stylish navigation.

Catamaran charters

We'll bring out some facts about catamarans; first of all these vessels are much larger, thus more comfortable with roomy cabins and large deck. They are pretty stable for they are two hull vessels which means the catamarans do not heal a lot.

Bareboat charter

If you are an experienced sailor and you feel confident about your sailing experiences, we suggest you choose a bareboat charter. You can test your abilities and make yourself feel the master of the seas.

Yacht charter vs. hotel accomodation

Do you want to rest but at the same time visit really fascinating locations and explore interesting places? Spending your holidays sailing along Italian coastoffers a unique opportunity to visit every day a new and attractive location...