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Due to its geographical position, Italy has experienced many invasions and has been home to different civilizations; Greeks established their colonies in the south, Etruscans settled in the central part, and Gauls in the north.

Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BC and was first ruled by kings until it became the republic of consuls.

In 29 BC the Roman Empire was born when Octavius declared himself the Emperor Augustus. The long Roman domination left significant mark in Italy; roads, aqueducts, temples, monuments, bridges, theatres and cities.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, in spite of many city states, Rome, which was home to the Catholic church, still remained the most powerful city.

These independent city states led to the prosperity of Italy which became flourishing and civilized country of trade. However, they could not hold out against Spanish and Austrian invasion.

In 1870 the great movement led to the unification of Italy under the Royal House of Savoia into the Kingdom of Italy. After World War II, Italy abolished the monarchy which resulted with the creaton of the Italian Republic in 1946.

Italy influenced the development of the whole Mediterranean and European culture as well. It was central to European science and art during the Renaissance. Now, Italy is one of the most prosperous and democratic nations in Europe.


General information

Italy is divided into 20 regions, each unique and interesting in its own way each offering a diversity of landscape, arts and surroundings.


The Italian cuisine is known worldwide and famous for its diversity, healthy balance, flavoured ingredients, always inspired to be more inventive in preparing meals.

Climate in Italy

Geographical position of Italy causes considerable weather differences between northern mountain region and plains in the south. Local weather conditions depend on altitude and coastal effects.

Culture and Events

Italian tradition and customs, influenced by other countries and civilizations on this territory contributed to cultural and historical heritage of Europe.


Italy is certainly one of the most attractive vacation countries, rich in history, culture, natural beauties and many tourist features.

Travel tips

Some useful traveltips for traveling through Italy.