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Cruising has become pretty popular recently. It is an interesting way of spending your vacation in Italy and the best option for those who are looking for a romantic vacation and who would like to explore the beauty of the Italian coast.

You cah charter the whole boat for you, your family and friends or you can take a cabin charter on one of our gulets or motorsailers. Gulet is a traditional wooden boat which can accomodate up to 14 people.

Motorsailers are larger and suitable for more people, some for up to 40 people. The majority of these boats is well equipped (air condition, cabins with bathroom, TV, fuly equipped galley...) they have professional crew who takes care of navigation, preparing meals, cooking...

The atmosphere is really unique and you have a chance to meet other people and enjoy cruising the Italian coast and watching the sunset from a large deck. There is the possibility of going on a daily trips to surrounding islands or coastal ports as well.

You can spend your vacation with friends or share a boat with others, letting the professionals take care of everything, just relax and enjoy. The choice is all yours!


Ports and Marinas

Due to its geographical position, Italy has experienced many invasions and has been home to different civilizations; Greeks, Etruscans and Gauls.

Sailing in Italy

While exploring the beauties of the Italian coast you can enjoy sailing in perfect weather conditions. Italian coast is suitable not only for sailing but for various water sport activities.


Our captains and skippers will show you the most beautiful places, island, coves and beaches on Italian coast.

Bases in Italy

Italian coast boasts with many splendid tourist resorts which offer pleasure vacation, entertainment and various sport activities.

Nautical tourism

Nautical tourism has gained a great reputation in Italy and has reached a high class quality. It is very popular among tourists, for it offers various possibilities.

Italian coast

Italy is a beautiful country with well intended coast on the west side of the peninsula. The eastern coast is less intended, but not less beautiful.