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Cook is a crew member on larger yachts and it’s quite clear what his job is. He prepares meals and takes care of food and beverage provisioning.

The cook prepares the meals according to your wishes (if he can get all necessary ingredients), but he can also serve you meals of his choice. You can agree on everything and guests very rarely (if ever) complain about the food.

He is also in charge of providing the yacht with groceries, so make sure you tell him everything you want to have on board. it is very unlikely you will run out of something, but if you do, please show understanding, especially if you are at sea, away from the shops.

A good cook is an important part of the crew. A good meal is definite to make everyone feel better, and it is a fact that one thinks better and has more fun on a full stomach. All cooks who work on yachts are educated professionals who are very good at their job. If you are open for new ideas, don’t hesitate to try some of our traditional meals – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Of course, ask the cook what the ingredients are before he starts preparing it, in case there are some groceries you don’t like or to which you are allergic.
Also, don’t forget to tell the cook or the hostess if there is some food you are allergic to, to avoid any health risks.


Most guests who charter large yachts want to hire a cook also. On the other hand, some want to cook for themselves, so they take care of provisioning groceries themselves. However, those guests who hire a cook must tell him want they like to eat and drink. You can tell your preferences to us (your charter agent) and we’ll inform the crew about it, or you can go food shopping with one of the crew members before you set off.

Beside some basic groceries, the crew never buys supplies before you state your likes and dislikes.

Don’t forget that food and drinks on board are not included in the charter price. At the end of your holiday a crew will set you a bill which you pay directly to them. Of course, there is an all inclusive option when you pay a certain amount in advance and all food and drinks on board are already included in price.