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If you are an experienced sailor and you feel confident about your sailing experiences, we suggest you choose a bareboat charter. Not only you can test your abilities and make yourself feel the master of the seas, this way you can cut your expenses and decide not to hire a skipper. Make your own itinerary and take your family and friends to a journey along the Italian coast.

Don't forget you are the captain, thus you take the full responsibility for navigation and for safety of your passengers. Chartering a boat without a skipper has become more popular recently. People are eager on activities and this is the best way to show the best and try something completely different from your everyday duties and obligations, provided that you have some experience of course. It is the great challenge for all.

Besides experience, you need the international certificate of competence in navigation and the VHF permit for reasons of safety.

Once you decide to charter a boat without a skipper, you will meet a great choice of boats for charter in Italy.

However, not all of them can be chartered without a skipper. In that case, ask for an advice or let your charter company make some suggestions according to your needs.


Boat and yacht types explained

The word boat implies a smaller vessel, usually up to about 13 meters. All the other vessels are actually yachts. The word luxury is often attributed to yachts, perhaps due to their length, equipment, comfort, and of course to their crew.

How to rent a boat

A professional charter company will provide a detailed information according to your request. Besides offering a charter service, some offer accomodation, transfer, advice, additional equipment, skipper service etc.


When sailing the beautiful Italian coastline of 8.000 kilometres, one can surely enjoy marvellous places and nature. A berth for a yacht is easy to find for there are numerous modern and lavishly equipped marinas all along the coast.

Yachts with crew

Chartering a yacht with crew will make your vacation unforgettable. This is the best option for those who would like to spend their vacation careless and let the others take care of navigation and everything else in order to enjoy the journey in full.

Boat crew

Besides chartering a bareboat, one can choose a boat or a yacht with crew. This is a high class vacation for all who are looking for completely careless and stylish navigation.

Catamaran charters

We'll bring out some facts about catamarans; first of all these vessels are much larger, thus more comfortable with roomy cabins and large deck. They are pretty stable for they are two hull vessels which means the catamarans do not heal a lot.

Yacht charter vs. hotel accomodation

Do you want to rest but at the same time visit really fascinating locations and explore interesting places? Spending your holidays sailing along Italian coastoffers a unique opportunity to visit every day a new and attractive location...