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Banner ad is a combination of picture and text, and a click on it takes the visitor from his host site directly to advertiser’s site. Due to its graphical elements, banner is in a way like printed ad that you put in newspapers and magazines. However, the advantage is that it takes the interested buyer instantly to your web site. We could say it’s like touching an ad in newspapers and finding yourself in the shop.

Also, banner is, unlike standard ads, dynamic. Although it is set in one place on the screen, it can show different images, animation and change appearance in various ways.

Banner ads are common and popular meaning of Internet marketing. They give you an opportunity to present your product with image and words, and interesting and attractive banners can draw a large number of potential clients. An appealing banner ad can intrigue every visitor, and if it is placed correctly, you can be sure it won’t go unnoticed.

Our site is specialised in yacht charter and trade and our visitors are a filtered group with common interest.

By putting your ad on our web site you address a target group with interest in charter, boats, nautics, tourism and visiting Adriatic. If you advertise on a site that is intended for a specific group of visitors your advantage is that you are presenting your business to people with already developed interests for your product, which significantly increases the click-through rate (number of clicks on your banner ad in comparison to total number of visitors to the site).

Besides, our site is also very well placed in Internet search engines, and we have a large number of visits per day.

Dimensions, position and prices – by arrangement.

Please contact us for any further information.


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