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About us

Italy Yacht Charter is a professional and well organised charter company with 350 top class and fully equipped sailing boats, motor yachts, luxury mega yachts and cruising motor-sail vessels located in several starting bases on Italian coast.

Our primary job is chartering wide range of boats: from small crafts and bare boats to big crewed luxury yachts.

Except rental sailing, motor or cruising yachts with or without skipper or crew, we also offer:

Italy Yacht Charter can help you to choose your cruising tour and advice you concerning the harbours and marinas. We are a charter company who offers you security, quality and unforgettable experience of Adriatic on our yachts.

Yachting is unique lifestyle with a wide range of activities and also develops lasting friendships and family unity. Let us make your dreams come true.

We expect your arrival.

Toni Furcic, general manager, Plavetnilo Ltd.Toni Furčić – General manager


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