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Since 1978 Bavaria yachts have been synonymous with premium quality, solid and lasting values as well as an outstanding price-performance ratio. More than 3.000 motor and sailing yachts per year leave the shipyard ranking among the world's largest and most successful yacht manufacturers. Bavaria continuously develops sailing yachts and motorboats, which range from the Sport 28 motorboat to the Cruiser 55 sailing yacht. All boats are purely produced by order from the dealer; a method that enables each customer to configured an individual yacht for their taste.

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Special offerBavaria 40 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 40 Cruiser
1.600€from2011.|12,35 m|8Berths
Bavaria 37 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 37 Cruiser
950€from2007.|11,35 m|8Berths
Bavaria 39 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 39 Cruiser
1.000€from2005.|12,14 m|6Berths
Bavaria 32
Sailing Boat Bavaria 32
1.000€from2011.|10,3 m|6Berths
Bavaria 32 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 32 Cruiser
1.170€from2012.|9,99 m|6Berths
Bavaria 33 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 33 Cruiser
1.200€from2013.|10,45 m|6Berths
Bavaria 31 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 31 Cruiser
1.200€from2008.|9,76 m|6Berths
Bavaria 38 MATCH
Sailing Boat Bavaria 38 MATCH
1.200€from2004.|11,93 m|8Berths
Bavaria 36 Cruiser *
Sailing Boat Bavaria 36 Cruiser *
1.275€from2011.|11,3 m|7Berths
Bavaria 33 New
Sailing Boat Bavaria 33 New
1.280€from2015.|9,99 m|4Berths
Bavaria 32*
Sailing Boat Bavaria 32*
1.300€from2011.|9,99 m|4Berths
Bavaria 38
Sailing Boat Bavaria 38
1.300€from2004.|11,85 m|6Berths
Bavaria 38 cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 38 cruiser
1.390€from2008.|11,85 m|6Berths
Bavaria 35
Sailing Boat Bavaria 35
1.400€from2009.|10,95 m|8Berths
Bavaria 34 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 34 Cruiser
1.450€from2017.|10,71 m|4Berths
Bavaria 37
Sailing Boat Bavaria 37
1.500€from2007.|11,55 m|7Berths
Bavaria 39
Sailing Boat Bavaria 39
1.500€from2006.|12,14 m|6Berths
Bavaria 36
Sailing Boat Bavaria 36
1.550€from2004.|11,4 m|8Berths
Bavaria 33
Sailing Boat Bavaria 33
1.590€from2007.|10,65 m|4Berths
Bavaria 37 Cruiser New
Sailing Boat Bavaria 37 Cruiser New
1.620€from2016.|11,3 m|8Berths
Bavaria 43 cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 43 cruiser
1.650€from2009.|13,1 m|6Berths
Bavaria 44
Sailing Boat Bavaria 44
1.670€from2002.|13,95 m|9Berths
Bavaria 36 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 36 Cruiser
1.700€from2012.|11,4 m|8Berths
Bavaria 42 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 42 Cruiser
1.800€from2008.|12,99 m|6Berths
Bavaria 45 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 45 Cruiser
1.800€from2011.|14,27 m|9Berths
Bavaria 34 Cruiser New
Sailing Boat Bavaria 34 Cruiser New
1.850€from2017.|9,99 m|7Berths
Bavaria 46 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 46 Cruiser
1.920€from2006.|14,4 m|8Berths
Bavaria 50
Sailing Boat Bavaria 50
1.975€from2002.|15,4 m|12Berths
Bavaria 41 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 41 Cruiser
2.000€from2014.|12,35 m|8Berths
Bavaria 47 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 47 Cruiser
2.070€from2009.|14,49 m|8Berths
Bavaria 41 Cruiser New
Sailing Boat Bavaria 41 Cruiser New
2.200€from2016.|12,35 m|7Berths
Bavaria 50 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 50 Cruiser
2.275€from2007.|16,7 m|11Berths
Bavaria 40
Sailing Boat Bavaria 40
2.300€from2011.|12,35 m|8Berths
Bavaria 49 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 49 Cruiser
2.300€from2003.|15,4 m|10Berths
Bavaria 46 Cruiser Owner
Sailing Boat Bavaria 46 Cruiser Owner
2.375€from2015.|14,27 m|6Berths
Bavaria 47
Sailing Boat Bavaria 47
2.400€from2002.|14,65 m|8Berths
Bavaria 46
Sailing Boat Bavaria 46
2.400€from2008.|14,2 m|9Berths
Bavaria 51
Sailing Boat Bavaria 51
2.600€from2010.|15,5 m|11Berths
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4 cab)
Sailing Boat Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4 cab)
2.650€from2014.|14,27 m|8Berths
Bavaria 49
Sailing Boat Bavaria 49
2.800€from2004.|15,4 m|11Berths
Bavaria 50 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 50 Cruiser
2.900€from2005.|15,57 m|9Berths
Bavaria 51 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 51 Cruiser
3.200€from2015.|15,54 m|11Berths
Bavaria 56 Cruiser
Sailing Boat Bavaria 56 Cruiser
4.000€from2014.|16,75 m|10Berths

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